Thursday, 14 June 2012

Feel the miracles of nature with amazing Kashmir and Leh Ladakh Tourism

Do you want to experience some miraculous activities of nature? Then Kashmir tourism can do wonders for you and allows you to take advantage of some amazing sight views and alluring surroundings. Kashmir tourism also offers some excellent travelling experience with its heavenly beauty that are truly reflected by Leh Ladakh.
Perfect place for nature lovers and adventures seekers, these places are perfect in every aspect and leave you in amazement with their picture perfect beauty and wonderful views. Under the snow clad mountains, you can enjoy the beautiful views that are impossible to find anywhere else. Let me tell you that you can have the most amazing and surprising time in Kashmir as this is the heaven of earth and offer you some wonderful views that can leave you in great amazement.
Leh Ladakh tourism is the place of monasteries and you can find some ancient monasteries that truly represent the Buddhist culture and tradition. Here you can find monks who stay in the service of Lord Buddha and offer education of tradition and culture of religion. And one more thing I would like to tell you that you can also find the festivals at the monasteries interesting and captivating that can show you the real Buddhist culture and tradition. Both women and men wear traditional dresses and dance together for the celebration of festivals. The best thing is that the festivals are celebrated according to the Buddhist calendar and last long, for more than two to three days or even longer. 
The Leh market is the best place where you can buy some traditional item and accessories as the memories of tour. The market has the influence of Tibet and people often resemble the Tibet citizens. You will love to visit the place again and again due to the beauty and captivating surrounding. Furthermore, the Ladakh tourism also let you enjoy some amazing time with your friends and family that you can never find anywhere else. You will also enjoy amazing hospitality during Kashmir and Leh Ladakh tourism.

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